The exhibitions at the Åland Maritime Museum tells stories of how the contradictory and omnipresent sea since time immemorial has affected the Åland islanders.

Our exhibitions take all our visitors on an exciting historical voyage. Personal stories are mixed with rare objects and entertaining activities. Our ambition is to awaken your curiosity and encourage conversations.

At the Åland Maritime Museum we can boast with a world class collection. Apart from incredibly fine models and impressive figureheads, there is also recreated ship interiors built up around original equipment, furnishings and objects. These come alive through photographs, stories and activities.

Segelsjofarten Aland3 1

The Sailing Ship Era

Since time immemorial, sailing has been the Åland way of voyaging across the seas, and Mariehamn was the home port for the world’s last fleet of tall ships.​

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Sjosakerhet Plus

Safety at Sea

The sea and the wind are powerful natural elements that no human can tame. That said, there is plenty that can be done to promote safety on board and ashore.

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Navigation foremal2


Compass, chronometre, sextant, log and sea charts are in principally all a navigator needs to determine position and follow a set course.

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Maritima Mariehamn sjomanshemskylt

Maritime Mariehamn

From the founding of Mariehamn in 1861 it has been a maritime town. This is were the professional shipping industry developed and this is were successful master mariners build their splendid homes.

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Kuriosa piratflaggan

Cabinet of Curiosities

A cabinet of curiosities is made up of an eclectic collection of object that becomes a representation of all the world’s wonders and oddities in miniature.

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KapHorn klockor

The Cape Horn Room

Amicale Internationale des Capitaines au Long Cours de Cape Horniers was an exclusive club for seafarers who had rounded the notorious Cape Horn in a cargo-carrying sailing vessel.

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Temporary exhibition

7 March 2018 - 28 February 2019

Faith, Hope and Love

With a collection of tattoo motifs from the early 1900s as a starting point we tell the stories of why sailors got tattooed and about the symbolism of the motifs.