Maritime Museum

Children's Museum

Welcome to the most kid-friendly museum on Åland. A living adventure that kids and adults can go on together.

Much to do

At the Åland Maritime Museum the entire family gets to play on the seven seas. Go aloft, stow cargo and take command of your own ship! Finding the ship’s rat Ruby’s own mini exhibitions, cleverly hidden in cute little rat holes in the museum, is a task that everybody can get involved in.

Ruby and the Sea

Ruby and the Sea, the imaginative children’s room at the Maritime Museum presents a fascinating world both under and above the surface of the sea. The sea has moved in and the kids get to discover all that might hide on the sea bed – wrecks, fish, corals, sea creatures and even secret mermaid grottos. The research vessel r/v Ebba floats on the surface, equipped for curious kids to discover more about enivoronmental matters and the sea.

Ruby and the Sea is furnished with a lift, enabling everybody to move between the sea bed and r/v Ebba.

Go on a treasure hunt

Every day is a treasure hunt at the Åland Maritime Museum. Follow Ruby the ship’s rat and look for the nifty rat holes hidden in various places around the museum, discovering the exhibitions as you go along. Return your answers to the front desk and receive your prize from the treasure chest.

Give it a go

At Åland Maritime Museum we want you to learn the ropes. Climb the mast, tie knots and try to steer a ship in the simulator. The hands-on activities are all around the whole museum and are great fun not just for kids.

The Coral

Welcome into our creative studio The Coral! Take a seat and be crafty. Make something new and creative from reusables or colour in a picture of an object from our exhibitons.

The Coral is open daily from September to May.


A fantastic museum for families! The only problem is to get your kids home, they could stay forever.

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