”When I leaf through my diary I meet many different hands”

A blank diary is nothing but paper and covers. But when it is filled with thoughts, reflections, notes; when it’s filled with the very essence of a person, that is when it becomes invaluable. A time capsule that helps us get very close to people who lived in a by-gone era. Often, they were not that different from us.

Tools for a Jack of all trades

Greasing, painting, splicing wire and rope, mending and making sails, coiling, building, forging and repairing… A deep-sea sailor is a true Jack of all trades and needs a score of specialised tools.

Sea Monsters

Have you met the slobbish sea sausage and the misunderstood Kraken? In the new exhibition Sea Monsters at the Maritime Museum you get to explore a time long lost, when the earth was flat and the oceans were teeming with monsters. The Maritime Museum is open 7 days a week. Welcome!

Åland’s first UNESCO honour – Gustaf Erikson’s shipping company archive included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World register.

Gustaf Erikson once owned Åland, Finland and the world’s largest sailing ship company. The archive that was left behind provides a unique insight into our shipping history. The autonomous island province of Åland has received its first UNESCO heritage honour as the Gustaf Erikson’s shipping archives were included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Register, thus joining the same echelon of invaluable cultural heritage as England’s Magna Carta, the French Declaration of Human Rights, the Gutenberg Bible and Isaac Newton’s manuscripts.


In a private home in Mariehamn one can find one of the world’s finest and most detailed ship models. It was built by an Åland sailor in a POW camp during World War II with neither drawings nor tools at hand. How did he do it? Who was he? Watch the moving documentary “Dreaming of Ponape – a man and his model”