Breakfast for lost souls

The five survivors recount terrible stories of people hanging on to anything that floats and of desperate fights for room on the debris. After ten minutes in the freezing cold water the cries start to die down. Eighty-six people are lost on the Rödhamnsfjärden that day, together with ss Skiftet. 

”Give me a good whiskey and I’ll give it a try”

There is only one medical instruments case in the Åland Maritime Museum’s collections. It belonged to the legendary Gustaf Erikson – Ålands best-known ship owner. Every master had his own case. Being highest in rank on board also included being responsible for the crew’s medical needs.  The heaviness of that burden is displayed in the story of a serious accident on board the four-masted barque Marlborough Hill, en route from Africa to Australia. Seaman Virtanen slips on the upper top … Read more

Driftwood mysteries

The waters in Åland archipelago are notorious among seafarers. More than 500 known wrecks – and probably as many unknown ones – rest underneath the surface.

Sending live from 1935

In the summer of 2018, a film camera is donated to the Åland Maritime Museum. As a surprise, two reels of exposed 8-millimetre film ready to be developed, comes with the gift.

Find out all the secrets on board

The kids have their own soundtrack on board the Pommern. Their guide is Ruby the ship’s rat, who talks about the long voyage to Australia and home again. She will also reveal a few secrets about lifa aboard. The soundtrack is written by the award-winning author Karin Erlandsson, and is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. Here Karin answers a few questions about Ruby and her voyage on board the Pommern. Who is Ruby? Ruby is the Pommern’s ship’s rat. … Read more

The best things about the Maritime Museum

Linnea (7) and Julia (9) have visited the Maritime Museum many times, both with their family and with nursery and school. Both of them have also hosted their birthday parties at the museum. We asked the girls what they like best about the Maritime Museum and what their top tips are. 1# – The play room is the best! 2# – Steer the ship 3# – To search for rat holes 4# – To look at the piranhas and turtle … Read more

The Cape Horn Room

Amicale Internationale des Capitaines au Long Cours de Cape Horniers was an exclusive club for seafarers who had rounded the notorious Cape Horn in a cargo-carrying sailing vessel.

Cabinet of Curiosities

A cabinet of curiosities is made up of an eclectic collection of object that becomes a representation of all the world’s wonders and oddities in miniature.