Pommern 100 days under sail

The visitor experience Pommern 100 days under sail is an original concept – a ‘near history’ experience and a journey back to the 1930s. The visitors are taken on a round-the-world voyage during which they get to know the crew and participate in life on board. The ship’s three decks give different perspectives on the same voyage and offers various ways to explore the Pommern; by listening, by doing and by feeling. Ambient soundscapes bring the ship alive and with … Read more

An exhibition is realised

The Pommern has been moored in Mariehamn’s Western Harbour as a museum ship since the 1950s and is one of Åland’s best known and most loved attractions. For decades, hundreds of thousands of people have visited the Pommern and felt a breeze of history. Now we are offering full storm. Pommern – 100 Days under Sail is no ordinary museum exhibition – it is an experience that moves. Concept We started with a dream of bringing the Pommern and her … Read more

An international profile project

Together with the Pommern Dock and Quay, the exhibition Pommern – 100 Days under Sail is a massive investment in our common heritage – an investment that is funded by both public and private money. In retrospect, we can proudly say that the Pommern has united all sectors of society in one common project. That says a lot about the status of the Pommern as a symbol for Åland. An added bonus is that already from the start, both dock … Read more


Accessibility was a key aspects even before we began planning the new onboard exhibition. With a lift, wider staircases and a gangway that leads the visitors on board, we have made the Pommern accessible for all. The gangway that runs between the Pommern and the Maritime Museum was included in the planning of the new Pommern dock and quay and it makes boarding easy for all. The new staircases that go through hatches no. 2 and no. 3 are wider … Read more

Follow the trail to Pommern in the 1930s

The new onboard exhibition and visitor experience is a journey in three acts where activities, soundtracks and facts bring you close to history and on a passage to Australia and back again. Allow at least 90 minutes to complete the voyage. Your visit on the Pommern starts at the Åland Maritime Museum, where you buy your ticket. From the museum’s western terrace, a gangway leads across to the ship. Aboard you are greeted by a Pommern host, who hands out … Read more

An unaltered beauty since 1903

Nowhere else in the world will you find a ship like the Pommern; practically unchanged since the day she left the Clyde dockyard in 1903 and then lovingly cared for by generations of sailors who themselves have sailed upon the seven seas. The authenticity of the ship in combination with Åland’s long-standing sailing ship tradition and an extensive archive makes it possible for us to create something unique. At the same time, the Pommern represents a heritage that reaches well … Read more

Preserving Pommern

Pommern is Åland’s most beloved landmark, a symbol for the sea and the Åland shipping tradition. In 2016, to safeguard the long-term preservation of Pommern, the Town of Mariehamn decided to commission the building of a bespoke dock for Pommern and her particular needs. The dock gives us perfect possibilities to make Pommern a first-rate tourist attraction and to preserve her to the highest professional standards. In addition to that, it is a great asset when it comes to lift … Read more

Find out all the secrets on board

The kids have their own soundtrack on board the Pommern. Their guide is Ruby the ship’s rat, who talks about the long voyage to Australia and home again. She will also reveal a few secrets about lifa aboard. The soundtrack is written by the award-winning author Karin Erlandsson, and is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. Here Karin answers a few questions about Ruby and her voyage on board the Pommern. Who is Ruby? Ruby is the Pommern’s ship’s rat. … Read more